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Caravan & The Team

The campaign team—travelling all the 64 districts of the country— consists of eight members led by Tanjilur Rahman, director of 3000 miles to go (far right in the picture). To his right is Sohaeel Rahman, Ataur Rahman, Abhijit Barua, Saykat Dewan, Shamim Ahmed, Babul Mia, Koel Islam. Also Franziska Peter, a volunteer from the Switzerland, joined the team in early December 2011.

Well, that’s only the part of 3000 miles to go, which is travelling and no doubt they are the heart of everything. But, there are also others from Wild Eye and the British Council, Dhaka, who have been constantly putting their efforts for this initiative.

From the British Council end- Mathew Knowells, Syed Masud Hossain, Nazmul Haque and Sareka Jahan

On the part of Wild Eye’s Dhaka office, Debashish Ghosh, Head of District Coordinator is doing a tremendous job—arranging all the district coordinators and volunteers at all 64 districts of the country for the Campaign team. There’s also Maheen Mahzabeen, who single-handedly dealt with teachers of over 300 schools of the country to coordinate the postcard competition and Ahasan is dealing with all the administrative and logistics tasks from Dhaka. Last but not least, Mohammod Akib is looking after the Dhaka team and the financial management.

Well, much has been said about the persons, now let us take a look on the bus on which the campaigners are travelling. As it can be seen in the picture the exterior has been fully branded according to the campaign, but that is not all. The whole interior has been refurnished to make a temporary office for the campaigners. 

The bus now only contains eight seats and the rest of it has a large table—enough to work 4 persons together—along with seating arrangements with it. Not only that, it is fully equipped with a video-editing suite and obviously workstations. The interesting part is all the power needed to run these equipments come from green and clean source, thanks to Bengal Solar. Four solar panels have been installed on the roof of the bus, which gives around 600 watts of power, supporting all the necessary power requirements.  



copyright Wild Eye & British Council 2011. '3000 miles to go' is a nationwide campaign on climate change initiated by Wild Eye and British Council in partnership with Standard Chartered Bank